REINVENTING HOME – Happiness lives in small houses


Reinventing Home is a company that addresses the more and more actual need of mobility and offers a complete and qualitative product which is tailored to a free life style and focuses on truly important things:

  • Free time
  • Efficiently used energy
  • Reduced costs


Our product is a completely functional house, which you can move anywhere.

You can use it as a holiday house at the seaside, in the mountains, in the delta, in the countryside…and even abroad.

Or you can use it as a permanent accommodation if you do not have a big family. Have you thought of a guest house?

The house has an open space (kitchen, living, dining), a bedroom, a sleeping space for children and a bathroom.

All rooms are completely furnished and equipped so that you can move there only with your clothes and laptop and feel at home since the very first moment, without any effort that house building, equipping, furnishing and decorating might presume.

Utility connection (water, sewerage, electricity) can be easily done through the right side of the house.
We bring it to you on a platform and we will download it with a crane (the house weighs 13,5 tones).


The Concept


We live in the century of speed. And of wishes coming true over night.

Distance and time have compressed.

We are zapping the Internet, we like something and only in one click that “something” comes to us by fast courier. Distance does not count.

Almost anything we want is ready to be ours.

This is how the idea came to us: how about wishing for a beautiful house and having it tomorrow?

Pay attention, please, this is not an empty house, but a fully furnished, decorated and equipped house. Yes. You just come with your clothes and personal belongings. Isn’t that wonderful?

Besides, I would add the fact that it is a brand new house, you do not have to run after authorizations, furniture, permits, workers, providers of any type.

Haven’t we convinced you? Ok, what if we tell you that you can move it anywhere? To the mountains, to the seaside, to another city, to another street?… Yes! You can rent a small piece of land near your office and, with no problem at all, you carry “your house on your back” :)))

I can see you are laughing, but we mean it.

And now, when you see that the house is just 40 square meters, you will probably say “the house is too small for me“.

And that is because lately we have started to take comfort for size. Forgetting that comfort means being functional. It means being ergonomic. It means being aesthetic. It means being HOME.

Come into our house. Try to feel it. It’s intimate, fresh, it invites to closeness. And believe me, it does not miss anything you would want. If anything misses, just tell us. Your feedback is very useful to us. We count on it.

Our product is a complete house

Where can you see the house?

For the moment you can come to Buzau. We don’t know whether it is far or close to you. However, you can think of it as a trip. And so that you should not think that you would waste time you could have spent differently, we tell that you should seize the opportunity and see the Muddy Volcanoes. Or the unique Amber Museum from Colti. Or the Live Fire at Lopatari. Or the Salt Mountain. Or Bisoca Lakes. The distances to these sightseeing objectives are between 20 and 40 km. And the sights are dreamy.

We will be waiting for you with a coffee and a cake.


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