Our home has become our reference point. Our home is the centre of our existence. Depending on our home we make decisions concerning our job, our child’s kindergarten, our activities and hobbies.

But how can we solve this in accordance with the more and more actual tendency to mobility? The workplace is a “constant variable” in our life. As well as schools. We evolve differently, we have new wishes, goals that differ from one life stage to the other. What happens then with our reference point? Our home. Because many times it is so important to your life decisions that part of the actions you would have done without having this reference point, are put on hold from the very beginning.

Haven’t you ever heard, “Yes, of course I would have left but I have invested so much in this house, besides I still have to pay credit rates. And start again?” Of course you heard about that before. Or you have even lived it!:))

Reinventing Home comes with a solution for you.