A perfectly
functional house
which you can move anywhere.

Perfectly functional from the very first minute

You will get the house from us just as it appears in the images: furnished, decorated, completely functional. We thought that you do not have the time to run around and choose from those thousands of things that ensure the functionality of a house. Also, sometimes, even if you were willing to do it, maybe you wouldn’t even know what to choose. Electric appliances, furniture, heating, paintings, cups, glasses, duvets, carpets, plants, curtains are all included in the above-mentioned price.

And you are not going to get wrapped products that you should struggle to install together with workers. You will get it all arranged, everything will be in its place. Yes. The cost of the designer’s work is also included in the price, and also the cost of installing things in the house. And the trips you would go on in order to buy all objects in the house will be included, too.

Time and energy regained

If you start building the house by yourself it would take you at least one year to finish it (drawing the project, obtaining the permits, building, decorating, installing, searching for materials and furniture, for electrical appliances and decorations). You dream of a beautiful house. You start building it with all enthusiasm. You get to the moment when you shut the door behind all the workers who helped you build it, finish it, install the furniture. You look around and you feel that there is something that you have missed. That it is not something you initially wanted. You have the feeling that you wanted something and that the result is completely different.

Buying this house from us you have the advantage that you will have exactly what you see at the very beginning. Because EVERYTHING you see in the house is not a presentation material. It is what you will actually buy. In the smallest detail. When you buy this house you start relaxing and you realize that your life is so beautiful and that you have so much to do with your time!

The house is antiseismic

The metallic structure has an 80-year lifetime. Owing to its rectangular shape, perfectly „streghtened” and supported by tens of reinforcements, there is not possible for the walls or ceiling to come off detached. The structure is so strong that can resist to any earthquake. The quality of the steel is S355J0, the 100/120 mm resistance beams are 5 mm thick.

Appropriate for small and narrow lands

Designing and building a house on a narrow land will always be a challenge, both for the beneficiary and for the architect. This house will perfectly fit these types of land.

Environmentally friendly

A constructing site means piles of sand, gravel, construction materials, debris and other things that create a sad view around the house and require additional time and energy in order to clean and redecorate the space.

Fast relocation

Let’s say you get promoted or you simply change your job and have to move to another city. If you have a big house that is classically built, it will be very difficult for you to capitalize it. This house can be immediately relocated to another city on a minimally equipped land, and the land of the old location can be easily monetized. You can move our house anywhere. To the mountains, to the seaside, to another city, to another street… Yes. You can rent a small piece of land near your office and, with no problem at all, you carry “your house on your back” ))) You can get rid of the unwanted neighbours as well.


Owing to the restricted space, the expenses for house maintenance are small. On the other hand, choosing to live in a small house, means not only to save money but also to come back to moderation. It means to save a lot of energy. Your energy.

Without a building permit

The house does not have a foundation, therefore it does not need a buiding permit, but a placement permit at the most (depending on the cityhall).

We offer you a HOME

More than „a house”, we offer you a „HOME”. It’s intimate, fresh, it invites to closeness. You only come with your clothes and personal belongings.

Construction details


  • 3.7-tone metallic structure (Steel S355J0)
  • Structure plating with pressed wooden plates
  • Wall, ceiling and floor insulation with polyuretanic foam
  • 8 cm sanwich pannel roofing
  • Salamander wooden joinery class A
  • Interior plasterboard walls
  • Exterior 5 cm insulation with decorative thermosystem
  • Caparol paint on the facade and interior walls
  • IKEA furniture
  • IKEA, Zara Home, Mobexpert, JYSK and Casa Rusu decorations
  • IKEA, Beko, Samsung, Ariston Electrical appliances
  • Nordstar Air conditioningr
  • Floor heating with Warmup electrical carpets
  • LED bulbs
  • Laminated parquet and ceramical tiles in the bathroom and kitchen
  • TV cable, internet and 2 video surveillance cables
  • Blankets, covers, ornamental flower pots in wrought iron and perforated sheet pannels

2D Drawing

Where can you see the house?

For the moment you can come to Buzau. We don’t know whether it is far or close to you. However, you can think of it as a trip. And so that you should not think that you would waste time you could have spent differently, we tell that you should seize the opportunity and see the Muddy Volcanoes. Or the unique Amber Museum from Colti. Or the Live Fire at Lopatari. Or the Salt Mountain. Or Bisoca Lakes. The distances to these sightseeing objectives are between 20 and 40 km. And the sights are dreamy.

We will be waiting for you with a coffee and a cake.