Look at the pictures and the presentation videos.

Everything you see there is the final product. Appliances, heating system, paintings, cups, glasses, duvets, furniture, flowers and curtains are all included in the price.

And you will not get packed products to be tortured then to install them with craftsmen. You will get everything arranged, with everything in place. Yes. The price also includes the designer’s cost, and the fitting work. And the roads you would make to buy all the items in the house.

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You dream of a beautiful house. You start building it with all your enthusiasm. You get to the moment when you shut the door behind the workers who helped you build it, finish it, install the furniture. You look around and you feel there is something you have missed. That it is not exactly what you initially wanted. You have the feeling that you wanted something and that the result is completely different.

At least in our case you have the advantage that you will get exactly what you saw at the very beginning. Because what you see in the pictures is not just a presentation material. It is what you will actually buy. In the smallest detail.